Achieve Strategic Goals and increase Return on Investment
by leveraging SAP Capital Budgeting through Project Prioritization.

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What is Stratex Online?

Stratex Online is an SAP capital budgeting software as a service (SaaS) solution. This solution prioritize investment proposals based on your strategic priorities, urgency, benefit and risk. Strategic portfolio planning is then optimized based on your financial and resource constraints. Stratex Online makes the process far more transparent, fair, efficient, and controlled than spreadsheet alternatives. Stratex Online is provided as SaaS to instantly simplify, secure and accelerate your long-term capital planning process with all the flexibility you require.


Long Term Capital Planning

Collect, Score, Rank and Select your capital investment initiatives.



Capture ideas from anyone, anywhere, to mitigate risk and seize opportunities.



Identify, score and rank options to achieving desired outcomes.



Select project portfolios by organizational area within budget constraints.


Strategic Portfolio Management

Optimize your investment of human and capital resources to deliver financial and sustainability goals.

strategic alignment of capital projects

Strategic Alignment

Relate initiative outcomes to area objectives to ensure strategic alignment.

Return on Investment of Capital Projects

Return on Investment

Eliminate wasteful expenditure early and select lowest-cost, highest-benefit initiatives effectively.

Risk Mitigation of capital projects

Risk Mitigation

Assess urgency and delivery confidence formally to mitigate risk effectively.


Digital Process Transformation

Replace cumbersome manual and spreadsheet-based processes with a seamless cloud solution.

Score Models for Capital Projects

Flexible Scoring Models

Define your own scoring models and weightings to achieve fair and reasoned ranking of projects.

Strategy alignment for capital projects

Strategy Alignment

Cascade organizational strategies throughout the organization and ensure that each area is focussed on the right things.

Financial Analysis for Capital Projects

Financial Analysis

Standardize the calculation of financial metrics such as Net Present Value and Payback period for effective comparisons.

Stratex Online Datasheet

Stratex Datasheet

Download the Stratex Datasheet or contact us for more detailed information.

Download CAPEX datasheet

Capex Datasheet

Go deeper into CAPEX functionality with IQX CAPEX, download the datasheet or visit the solutions page.

Stratex Demo

A brief look at Stratex and its functionality. Contact us to learn more.

SAP Capital Budgeting

Manage the complete capital budgeting process from idea to asset, leveraging SAP Investment Management.

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