Expedite Vendor On-Boarding
and Purchase Order Approval

Expedite Vendor On-Boarding
and Purchase Order Approval

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Expedite Supplier Selection, Ordering and
Goods and Services Receipts

Expedite Supplier Selection,
Ordering and Goods and
Services Receipts

Seamlessly transition from project approval through to project execution. Ensure vendor compliance and provide executives with real-time monitoring of project costs and commitments to ensure adverse variances can be pro-actively addressed and project cost-overruns mitigated.

IQX Project Procurement is a suite of SAP Fiori applications that help project managers engage external suppliers and manage purchase orders, receipts, payments, and financial adjustments. IQX Project Procurement integrates directly with SAP standard functionality and provides a more intuitive user-experience, enforces procurement policies, and provides more flexible approval workflow capabilities.

Diagram and Flowchart of the Project Procurement Process

Partner More Effectively with Trusted Suppliers

Accelerate your vendor on-boarding with an online portal for supplier self-service, order and invoice management and certificate and compliance administration.

Enforce Procurement Policies to Minimize Costs

Validate sole-source supply agreements and encourage the adoption of contracts for maximizing the benefit of negotiated preferential rates and rebates.

Accelerate Order and Service Entry Processing and Reduce Administrative Overhead

Interact directing with centralised SAP data and eliminate external data entry request forms, manual approval, and re-keying processes.

5 Steps in the Project Procurement Process

On-board new vendors and ensure compliance with your procurement policies

Enable supplier self-service to directly provide banking, qualification, and insurance certificates.

Raise policy-compliant purchase requisitions and purchase orders

Allow project managers to easily comply with procurement policies by making it seamless to identify preferred suppliers and leverage supply agreements.

Process Goods Receipt and Service Entry confirmations at source

Ensure timely recognition of project costs by making the goods and service entry process more accessible, user-friendly, and efficient.

Approve supplier invoices for payment

Enable non-PO invoices and invoice variations to be appropriately authorised and paid.

Accrue and adjust financial postings

Correct reflect actual project expenditure by efficiently accruing cost and adjusting erroneous postings with process-enabled journal postings.

Vendor Engagement Application

The IQX Vendor Engagement Fiori application facilitates the on-boarding of new suppliers if they have not yet been created in SAP. This application integrates with the IQX Vendor Portal Fiori app to enable suppliers to directly enter their own details including questionnaire responses and required supporting documentation (such as proof of banking and necessary certifications).

 Project Procurement Vendor Engagement Fiori App

Eliminate Duplicate Vendor Records and Ensure Data Accuracy and Consistency

Review and validate vendor details and responses prior to securely and automatically updating SAP vendor master data.

Enable Supplier Self-Service and Secure Banking Details

Allow vendors to enter their own data directly via the IQX Vendor Portal to mitigate against erroneous or fraudulent manual entry of sensitive data such as bank accounts.

Expedite Vendor Set-Up to Allow Purchase Orders to be Raised

Accelerate the set-up of new Vendors so that Purchase Orders can be raised sooner to mitigate the risk of project work commencing without an approved Purchase Order.

Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Creation Applications

The IQX Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Creation Fiori applications enable purchasing requirements to be submitted directly by project controllers with appropriate policy compliance checks automatically being applied and required reviews and approvals obtained.

Project Procurement - Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order Creation SAP Fiori Applications

Comply with Procurement Policies

Embed policy compliance checks and rules, for example the need to supply 3 quotations if the value is over a specified amount or the vendor is not a preferred supplier.

Benefit from Discounted Rates and Rebates

Propose contracts and outline agreements to encourage procurement off pre-negotiated agreements and to obtain preferential pricing and rebates.

Make it Easier and more Efficient to Raise Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders

Make it easier for project teams to access third-party product catalogs and pull back product specifications and provide personal favourites for faster, more efficient data entry.

Goods Receipt and Service Entry Applications

The IQX Goods Receipt and Service Entry Fiori applications enable project controllers to easily record the receipt of ordered goods and services, with further review and executive approval where control policies necessitate.

Goods Receipt and Service Entry SAP Fiori Applications - Project Procurement

Receive Goods and Services Consistently

Enable receipt of materials, assets, non-stock items as well as external services consistently.

Simplify and Bulk-Process Goods Receipt and Service Entry

Simplify the end-user experience for more accurate and faster data entry including the ability to upload bulk service entry (e.g. timesheet data) from spreadsheet.

Integrate Receipting into Invoice Approval Workflow

Launch receipting app directly from invoice approval application, where the reason for the payment block is an outstanding receipt.

Invoice Approval and Non-PO Payments App

The IQX Non-PO Payments Fiori application enables invoices to be processed where goods and services have been received from a supplier without a PO having been raised.

Invoice Approval and Non-PO Payments SAP Fiori App - Project Procurement

Efficiently Process Vendor Invoice Exceptions or Missing PO Assignment

Simplified end-user experience for rapidly capturing invoice and cost assignment details for automated processing including creation of one-time vendors when required.

Comply with Procurement Policies and Procedures

Enforce compliance with procurement policy by requiring justifications for payment without an approved Purchase Order assignment.

Accelerate Approvals and System Integration

Tailor workflow approvals for payment review and approval prior to automatically updating the invoice in SAP.

Journal Entry App

The IQX Journal Entry Fiori application enables financial controllers to accrue or adjust postings made to projects to more accurate reflect the actual costs incurred.

Journal Entry Fiori App ScreenShot - Project Procurement

Prepare your Adjusting Journals Efficiently in a Spreadsheet

Enable download to and upload from spreadsheet for ease of use and bulk accrual postings at period end.

Prepare Journals at Source and Obtain Approval Prior to Posting

Decentralize journal preparation and route via automated workflow to other impacted project managers and then to a central finance function for review prior to processing.

Attach Supporting Documents to Journal Postings in SAP

Attach supporting documents to journal requests and automatically append these to the processed financial document in SAP.

Experience the Efficiency of IQX Project Procurement

Our suite of SAP UI5 (Fiori) Apps harnesses the power of SAP to streamline your vendor onboarding, purchase requisitioning, ordering, receipting, and invoice approval processes. With its user-friendly interface, IQX Project Procurement simplifies compliance with procurement policies for project managers. From vendor selection to goods/services ordering, service entry sheet uploading, and supplier invoice approval, our solution has got you covered. Don’t miss out on transforming your procurement operations – schedule a demo today!

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