Connect Capital Budgets with
Capital Expenditure Requests

Connect Capital Budgets with
Capital Expenditure Requests

Explore IQX Capital Expenditure Management for SAP

Explore IQX Capital Expenditure Management for SAP

Manage your Capital Budget Allocation and
Expenditure Approval in SAP

Manage your Capital Budget
Allocation and Expenditure
Approval in SAP

Allocate and control your capital budgets to avoid wastage, maximize your return on invested capital and achieve strategic outcomes sooner. IQX Capital Expenditure Management enables integrated capital project control from budget appropriation requests and program budgeting through to capital expenditure request approval.

IQX Capital Expenditure Management integrates deeply with SAP Investment Management but provides a more intuitive user-experience, tailored classifications, and enhanced workflow capabilities.

Capital Expenditure Request process diagram

Approve Capex Requests More Efficiently

Save time and reduce administrative effort by eliminating spreadsheets, automating workflow, and providing standardized information to approvers.

Increase Return on Invested Capital

Adapt to your operating environment and be more agile and responsive in allocating capital budget to priority initiatives, thereby maximizing your return on investment.

Reduce Project Budget Over-Runs and Wastage

Monitor project budgets, forecasts, actuals, and commitments more efficiently. This enables corrective actions to be undertaken sooner.

3 Steps in the Capex Management Process

Request Capital Budget Appropriation

Collect candidate project funding requests from applicants individually or in bulk.

Allocate Capital Budget

Allocate budget to the highest value initiatives.

Approve Capital Expenditure Requests

Obtain executive approval for project initiation and allocate budget accordingly.

Capital Budget Request Application

The IQX Budget Request Fiori application collects candidate project funding requests from applicants individually or in bulk  and replaces the typical Excel budget ‘wish-list’ submission.

Screenshot of Capital Budget Request SAP Fiori App

Classify and Justify Initiatives Your Way

Enhance evaluation and prioritization with tailored additional classifications and explanatory texts.

Upload Wish-Lists from Spreadsheets

Create budget appropriation requests in bulk via spreadsheet upload where your candidate project list has been determined externally.

Collaborate, Review, and Approve more Efficiently

Engage technical specialists, area managers and sponsors to validate the technical and commercial viability of budget requests.

Capital Budget Management Application

The IQX Capital Budget Management Fiori application collates departmental budget requests and carry-forward projects to set and adjust the required annual budget based on portfolio selection. Business units can control their budget allocation with centralised review and approval of all budget adjustments as required.

Capital Budget Management Application in SAP for Capital Expenditure

Total up zero-based budget items into your investment program

Automatically roll-up and adjust the annual budget per year based on planned expenditure on both capital budget requests and carry-forward projects.

Manage the approval status and planned expenditure of all projects

Adjust the budget status and planned expenditure on both budget requests and projects when budget is reallocated or adjusted.

Communicate and approve budget allocations

Notify and obtain approval for budget reallocation requests prior to updating SAP.

Capital Expenditure Request Application

The IQX Capital Expenditure Request App gathers executive approvals for project initiation and triggers the creation of projects (or internal orders) and allocates budget accordingly.

Screenshot of Capital Expenditure Request SAP Fiori App

Reference approved budget items when raising capital expenditure requests

Reference planned budget requests and enables the provision of additional business case justifications and expenditure details.

Comply with your delegation of authority matrix

Automatically route authorization for expenditure requests for approval based on any capex request attributes including investment reason, asset type, budget status and organization area.

Automatically create your project structures

Create multi-level project structures with the segregation of capex and opex WBS elements. For unbudgeted requests, the app will automatically supplement the overall budget prior to distribution of budget to your projects.

Experience the power of IQX Capital Expenditure Management firsthand!

Book a demo now and witness how this suite of SAP UI5 (Fiori) Apps revolutionizes your capital budgeting and approval workflow. Say goodbye to spreadsheet and email-based processes as IQX Capital Expenditure Management empowers your team, increases productivity, maximizes your return on investment, and mitigates project selection and execution risks. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your capital management processes – schedule a demo today!