The IQX Business Solutions Mission

Our people at IQX Business Solutions empower managers to make optimal decisions towards achieving strategic organizational, environmental, social and governance objectives and maximize the return on investment of human and financial capital. This capability is achieved by combining reliable data, expert advice and strategic context within software-as-a-service solutions that are deeply integrated through the SAP Business Technology Platform to SAP enterprise applications.

IQX CAPEX is a comprehensive and adaptable solution that manages the entire capital expenditure (CAPEX) process. As a market-leading capital expenditure solution built on SAP, IQX CAPEX offers unparalleled flexibility and customization options. Our solution caters to the unique needs of finance teams globally, delivering tangible and immediate returns on investment. With IQX CAPEX, organizations can streamline and optimize their CAPEX workflows, ensuring efficient and effective management of capital expenditures from ideation to project completion.

Our Team

At the heart of our software company lies a steadfast dedication to prioritizing the customer experience. Our integrated team of specialists collaborates across all dimensions of solution development, ranging from process management to ensuring customer success. With a strong camaraderie, our closely-knit team mutually supports each other, striving collectively to attain excellence and consistently deliver exceptional results.

Our Management Team

Richard Frykberg CEO of IQX Business Solutions

Richard Frykberg
Chief Executive Officer

Richard is a Chartered Accountant with 20+ years of international SAP consulting, project management and general management experience.

As the Chief Executive Officer, Richard is responsible for securing capital and human resources and ensuring effective co-ordination of activities to satisfy customer requirements from solution design, through implementation and long-term support.

In his spare time, Richard is a keen supporter of his kids endeavours, and attempts to keep up on runs and on the tennis court.

Grant Slinger Chief Operations Officer

Grant Slinger
Chief Operations Officer

With 20+ years experience of expertise as a finance professional, SAP consultant, and project manager. His extensive background enriches the team with a wealth of process experience.

In his role as Chief Operations Officer, Grant assumes responsibility for an array of essential functions, including customer account management, project delivery, and overseeing consulting practices.

Grant is a fanatical fisherman and when not working can be found out on his boat.

Dave Cole Chief Commercial Officer

Dave Cole
Chief Commercial Officer

Dave brings over 20 years of SAP industry expertise, spanning roles from consultant to business development manager. His unique blend of business, technical, and interpersonal skills sets him apart in the field.

As IQX’s Chief Commercialization Officer, Dave leads a wide array of responsibilities, including building relationships, expanding networks, driving sales, and nurturing a vibrant customer and partner community. With his industry experience and versatile skill set, Dave Cole significantly shapes IQX’s commercial landscape.

Outside of work, Dave is a keen cyclist, private pilot and guitarist.

Alex Xie Chief Technology Officer IQX Business Solutions

Alex Xie
Chief Technology Officer

Alex has more than 20 years of Solution Architecture and Microsoft Software engineering experience, with broad experience in both commercial Software development and consulting services delivery.

As the Chief Technology Officer, Alex brings strong technical and architectural focus to everything we do. Alex provides mentorship to our growing Software development team, and provides both technical leadership and quality assurance on our solution development and consulting services engagements.

When not working, Alex enjoys classical music.

Charles Evans Chief Product Officer IQX Business Solutions

Charles Evans
Chief Product Officer

Charles has over 22 years of experience in the software industry, with the last 15 years focused solely on building software that makes working with SAP simpler and more efficient.

As Chief Product Officer at IQX Business Solutions, Charles is responsible for guiding the strategic direction, roadmap and feature definition of the product suite through a thorough process of market research and customer engagement.

When not behind the keyboard, Charles still geeks out with his drones and immerses himself in Virtual Reality.

Adam Miles Chief Innovation Officer - Our People

Adam Miles
Chief Innovation Officer

Adam Miles is a seasoned innovator with a 20+ year track record in technology. His diverse background and passion for pushing boundaries have led to consistent delivery of awe-inspiring solutions across various tech domains. As Chief Innovation Officer, he excels at solving intricate technical challenges with ingenious solutions, captivating customers and driving success.

Adam’s curiosity extends beyond tech, as he explores textbooks on physics, unraveling the universe’s mysteries during downtime.

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