An immediate way to start implementing your critical business processes as Fiori apps
with your existing SAP resources.

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Where are you on your SAP Fiori Journey?
We look at each stage of the SAP Fiori journey; Evaluating, Implementing and Optimizing, and answer key questions and challenges. 

Fiori Stages

New Release V3.2: We are pleased to share some highlights of the latest release of IQX Fiori AppBuilder for SAP, more technical details can be found in the release notes provided.


What is IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori?

 IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori enables your current SAP team to rapidly design and build Fiori apps that fit your unique business needs. Leveraging your existing SAP infrastructure companies are able to engage and delight users with screens which suit the way they work, wherever they work. With an embedded workflow engine and low-code structure of the apps means that they can be efficiently supported and maintained by your existing team. Accelerate the pace at which you can deploy Fiori AppBuilder today and achieve the benefits of digitalization.


Create Business Process SAP Fiori Apps

A business process-centric, model-driven application development platform that increases quality, process consistency and increased throughput.
Excel-driven journal initiation

Improve Quality


Validate your business process data via custom or existing SAP validation routines to ensure the data meets the standards for your business and specific process.

Increase Productivity using IQX App Builder for SAP Fiori

Increase Productivity


Delight your users with role based solutions that provide a simple, guided and efficient interface to get the job done regardless of how many underlying SAP transactions are involved.

Embedded Business Rules

Remain Compliant


Control your business processes with the confidence that your SAP security is fully respected and all data and actions are auditable during every step.


Build Fiori Apps Faster with your Existing SAP Team

Reduce the time, skillset requirement and confusion when building out your business processes.
HR quick

Faster Business Outcomes


IQX AppBuilder not only provides a graphical development environment that drastically lowers development time, it also provides many out-of-the-box components like data staging and workflow that are critical to implementing successful business processes.

Empower your existing SAP team build maintainable SAP Fiori apps

Leverage your Existing Team


Typical Fiori development requires a new set of skills for the front end developers on top of the backend integration skills that are always required.  IQX AppBuilder empowers your existing SAP resources to quickly build Fiori applications today.

Quick OB

Stay Agile


The development environment provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface so your designers and business analysts can work together to design your forms in real time to eliminate confusion between all participants.


Design Fiori Apps that are easy to Extend and Support

Designed for process-centric application development to suit even the most complex of your business processes.

Designing an App in IQX App Builder for SAP Fiori

Graphical Designer


Design Fiori applications faster and without HTML experience through a simple graphical editor that includes a live preview that shows you the what your pages will look like throughout the entire development process.

Work Flow for capital expenditure in Fiori App Builder

Embedded Workflow


Existing workflow engines can be integrated but IQX AppBuilder provides a powerful embedded workflow engine that accelerates and simplifies even the most complex of workflow scenarios.

SAP Fiori App Builder storage menu

Flexible Data Storage

Creating and extending the data model for your applications is simple and flexible.  Fields can be added on the fly without the need to go to the backend and maintain and activate SAP structures and tables.
IQX Fiori AppBuilder Datasheet

Download IQX Fiori AppBuilder Datasheet

Looking for more information? Download our IQX Fiori AppBuilder Datasheet or contact us for more detailed information.

IQX Fiori AppBuilder at Allied Pinnacle

Allied Pinnacle leveraged the IQX Fiori AppBuilder development platform to produce a new sales order application that assisted them in maintaining efficiency after a large merger. The application was designed, built and tested in less than 15 days.

IQX Fiori AppBuilder Demo

See how easy it is to build a Fiori application using only Fiori AppBuilder and your existing ABAP skillset.

Use SAP Fiori AppBuilder as your Digital Transformation Platform.

With IQX Fiori AppBuilder you will build critical business process apps 4x faster.

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