The Leading Integrated Capex Management Solution for SAP

Connect your end-to-end Capital Expenditure processes to make more timely and confident business decisions based on a single source of truth.

Connect your end-to-end Capital Expenditure processes to make more timely and confident business decisions based on a single source of truth.

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Manage the Complete CAPEX Process

IQX CAPEX is a comprehensive and adaptable solution that manages the entire capital expenditure (CAPEX) process. As a market-leading capital expenditure software solution built on SAP, IQX CAPEX offers unparalleled flexibility and customization options. Our solution caters to the unique needs of finance teams globally, delivering tangible and immediate returns on investment. Streamline and optimize your CAPEX workflows and approvals, ensuring efficient and effective management of capital expenditures from initiation to completion.

CAPEX Project Portfolio Management

Collect, Score and Prioritize Appropriation Requests objectively with Stratex Online.

CAPEX Approvals

Manage your Capital Budget Allocation and Expenditure Approval in SAP.

CAPEX Project Controls

Manage your Capital Expenditure Forecasting and Project Completion Better.

CAPEX Prject Procurement

Expedite Supplier Selection, Ordering and Goods and Services Receipts.

CAPEX Asset Management

Control Fixed Asset Creation, Transfers, Disposals, Revaluation and Verification

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The Complete Guide to Modern Capex Management

A modern, more strategic approach to CAPEX management can expedite the process at every stage. This guide can help you modernize your CAPEX management, whether you’re just getting started or already on your way.
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Benefits of an Automated CAPEX Process

Drive Compliance

Automate business rules to ensure delegation of authority and policy compliance.

> Allocate capital more effectively based on standardized and reliable information.

> Control capital expenditure for budgeting and forecasting.

> Apply SAP authorizations to ensure confidentiality and approval authority.

Provide Transparency

Report process, cost and schedule status for timely intervention.

> Report confidently based on centralized and integrated information.

> Reconcile budget with actual costs and benefits received.

> Easily track and monitor the approval status of projects.

Improve Efficiency

Tailor forms, workflows and integrations to automate and accelerate your process.

> Eliminate manual administration, Rekeying, and reconciliation.

> Accelerate approval of requests, supporting document management and SAP updates.

> Review and approve CAPEX Requests anywhere, anytime on mobile devices.

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IQX CAPEX is an end-to-end, flexible and customizable CAPEX process solution. We are the leading SAP-based capital expenditure solution on the market, delivering an immediate ROI to finance teams around the world.

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