Vendor Portal for SAP

Vendor Portal for SAP

Proactively manage your vendor risk and compliance

Proactively manage your
vendor risk and compliance

Streamline Supplier Engagement, Risk Assessment, Certificate Compliance, and Onboarding

Take proactive control of your vendor risk and compliance with the IQX Vendor Portal. Easily invite new suppliers to participate in digital onboarding, where they can complete requested risk-related self-assessment questionnaires and provide required insurances, certificates, and other onboarding information in our intuitive platform. Enjoy the convenience of self-service, rescreening, and document maintenance to ensure the ongoing engagement experience.

With our reporting and analytics tools, you’ll be empowered to manage your vendor relationships effectively and gather essential sustainability and ESG-related data.

IQX Vendor Portal Workflow Infographic

Vendor Risk & Compliance Management

Anticipate risks, ensure compliance, and streamline assessments for informed decisions, safeguarding your supply chain.

Streamline Vendor Onboarding

Efficiently onboard vendors for process efficiency. Save time across teams and enhance supplier relationships with intuitive online interactions, saving costs and enabling a responsive supply chain.

Efficient Online Compliance Management

Manage online certificates to strengthen compliance, minimize risk, gain operational efficiencies, and enhance supply chain relationships in a complex regulatory environment.

Intuitive Vendor Self Service

Empower vendors with self-service for stronger relationships, better data, and resilient supply chains.

4 Processes Managed by IQX Vendor Portal

Perform Vendor Risk Assessment

Conduct Vendor risk Assessment including sustainability and ESG alignment.

Onboard a New Vendor

Invite and guide a new vendor through the onboarding process.

Manage Certificate Compliance

Request, obtain and validate the mandated insurances and certificates prior to doing business.

Engage Vendors with Self Service

Promote collaboration by provisioning a range of online self services highly valued by vendors.

Vendor Risk Assessment Process

Streamline your vendor management process by configuring the necessary documents and risk assessment questionnaires aligned with your internal vendor risk assessment criteria. Invite vendors to register and guide them to complete the assigned risk assessments and upload the necessary certificates. Review their submissions directly in your inbox and take appropriate action based on the provided information.

Utilize the reporting feature to keep track of outstanding certificates, self-assessment questionnaires, and pending tasks in your worklist.  Assess the alignment of vendor activities with your organization’s sustainability and ESG criteria to ensure they meet your standards and goals.

Configurable Risk Assessment Questionnaires

Adopt baseline or configure your own Risk Assessment Questionnaires and assignment criteria.
Assess alignment to Sustainability and ESG goals and frameworks.
Get the data you need tomorrow, today!

Automated Risk Assessment

Automatically calculate and assign risk scores based on predefined criteria, allowing for categorisation and prioritization of vendors based on their risk levels.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reporting tools to analyse risk assessment data, identify trends, and support decision-making.
Understand your vendor alignment to your sustainability and ESG criteria.

Vendor Onboarding

Provide Vendors with an intuitive online portal to enter all requested information following a guided process. Data is validated on entry and mandated information and due dates are clearly displayed. Submitted data is reviewed, any questions or queries are managed through the workflow and request process via the inbox/outbox, ensuring the Vendor is always aware of their Onboarding status.

The Procurement Team uses the corresponding Organizational Portal to invite, assess risk, review and validate all vendor submissions.  This process ensures thorough and efficient vendor management from start to finish.

Automated Workflow Management

Automated steps in the onboarding process ensure efficiency and consistency. All task are assigned and appear in respective worklists for actioning.

Progress Tracking and Document Submission Management

Visibility of due dates, grace periods, progress and status encourage timely completion of requested data.  Automated reminder notifications further support vendors meeting deadlines efficiently.

APIs to Support Integration

Full suite of APIs to support onboarding integration to ERP Systems. Ready to run SAP integration provided.

Vendor Certificate Compliance

Configure the Vendor Portal to drive and automate your certificate collection and validation process. Assign new certificate requirements at any time and rely on the renewal process to keep certificates current and valid.

AI assistance and virus scanning improves data quality, ease of use and security.

Reporting and analytics of the status across all certificates and suppliers is provided. Non compliance can be configured to block the vendor in your ERP system.

Automated Renewal of Certificates

Countdown of days to renewal is visibly displayed and automated email reminders assist timely certificate renewal.  Automated ERP blocking ensures compliance.  Analytics and reporting capabilities provide up-to-date status.

AI Certificate Assistance and Security

Uploaded certificates are interpreted by AI and data attributes auto populated. All attachments are scanned for viruses prior to saving.

Configurable Service Types

Configure the solution to require certificates based on the type of service, entity, country and value of Supply. Configure certificates as mandatory, with grace periods or optionally not required. Further specify whether an invalid mandated certificate will block the Vendor Account.

Vendor Self Service

Empower vendors to self-manage their profiles and business information, including contacts, ordering emails, addresses, bank accounts, and sites.  Requested changes to data are efficiently managed through the outbox, and APIs are available for seamless integration with ERP systems.

Self-service of Invoice and PO information reduces procurement and accounts payable queries.

The task badge count and associated inbox provide vendors a comprehensive view of open tasks related to onboarding and compliance.  User Management allows the vendor admin to maintain users, assign roles and perform password resets.

Security features include Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and notification of unusual activity, enhancing overall data protection and system integrity.

Maintain Vendor Profile Data

Ability to maintain contacts, addresses, bank accounts and sites. Inbox and outbox functionality to assist user to track pending actions. API to pass changed data to ERP systems for integration.

View Transactional Status

Track the status of invoices, payments and approvals through the portal.
See open POs with associated details.
Understand the progress of onboarding,  certificate renewal or rescreening related Self Assessment Questionnaires.

Security and User Management

Secure Portal with MFA.
Full user management to assign additional team members with appropriate roles.
Password reset and user deactivation functionality.

Unlock Vendor Power

Optimize your risk management and compliance with our IQX Vendor Portal. Schedule your free demo today and streamline supplier engagement, risk assessment, certificate compliance, and onboarding processes for a more efficient and resilient supply chain.