Accelerate Project Creation,
Forecasting and Completion

Accelerate Project Creation,
Forecasting and Completion

Explore IQX Capital Project Controls for SAP

Explore IQX Capital
Project Controls for SAP

Manage your Capital Expenditure Forecasting and Project Completion Better

Mitigate project over-runs, delays, and inefficiencies with a more integrated approach to project creation, project forecasting and project completion. IQX Capital Project Control automates the creation of projects in SAP, assists with the entry and approval of expenditure forecasts and ensures that on completion assets are created and valuated correctly.

Capital Project Controls - Forecasting Process Diagram

Forecast Capital Project Expenditure with Confidence

Plan funding and resourcing requirements with greater certainty and efficiency.

Monitor Capex and Opex Project Cost Variances by WBS

Create and classify projects and work breakdown structures for more granular analysis and control.

Comply with Financial Reporting and Accounting Policies

Identify projects to be closed, and then create, valuate, and assign the fixed assets delivered on a more timely and consistent bases.

5 Steps in the Capital Project Controls Process

Create Projects Efficiently with Consistent Classifications and Budgets

Automate project set-up adopting consistent work breakdown structures and budget allocations.

Forecast and Approve Project Expenditure

Combine actual costs with estimates to complete to more reliably predict cashflow requirements.

Transfer Budgets as Required to Remain within Funding Limits

Re-allocate budget between WBS elements, years, and projects in a controlled manner.

Complete Projects and Evaluate Assets Produced

Obtain executive approval for project initiation and allocate budget accordingly.

Analyze Project Portfolio Performance with Confidence

Produce capital project performance reports with confidence directly from your SAP system.

Project Creation Application

The IQX Project Creation Fiori application enables project managers to define the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), and budget allocation between Capex and Opex components.

Once approved, the project undergoes an automated and seamless setup process in SAP. Budgets and plans are assigned, statuses are promptly updated, and all parties are notified ready for use.

Screenshot of Project Creation SAP Fiori App for Project Controls

Flexibly Define your Project Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)

Enable your project managers to define the high-level cost and project control elements (including uploads from spreadsheet) as part of the capital expenditure approval process.

Track Capital vs Operational Expenditure on Projects

Maintain a distinction between non-capitalizable cost elements and capital costs whilst tracking total project investments.

Ensure Timely, Efficient, and Consistent Project Master Data Set-up

Eliminate manual re-keying of information and delays in project establishment and notification to expedite project initiation and timely execution.

Capital Forecasting Application

The IQX Capital Forecasting Fiori application enables project managers to update planned project expenditures more efficiently and allows capital controllers to review and adopt these revisions more efficiently.

Screenshot of Capital Forecasting SAP Fiori App for Project Controls

Include Actual Project Costs and Estimates to Complete

Automatically include prior periods actual results and aligns forecast expenditures with purchase order commitments.

Continue to Prepare Forecasts in Spreadsheets if Desired

Download to and upload from spreadsheet for efficient data entry efficiency whilst maintaining centralized data control.

Compare Monthly Forecast Versions

Include both projects and internal orders and keep track of each period’s forecast for reconciliation and monitoring.

Budget Transfer Application

The IQX Budget Transfer Fiori application enables budget to be distributed between WBS elements, returned, re-allocated by year, or directly transferred to other projects.

Screenshot of Budget Transfer SAP Fiori App for Project Controls

Validate Budget Transfer Requests on Submission

Validate that budget reductions cannot go below actual costs and commitments at point of entry.

Control Budget Reallocation with Workflow-Based Approvals

Gain approvals of budget transfers between elements, year and substitute projects only following workflow approval by key stakeholders.

Automatically Process the Budget Movements

Eliminate manual budget transfer updates with automated system integration.

Project Completion Application

The IQX Project Completion Fiori application is used to create the final fixed assets delivered by a project, update the project cost settlement rules, and return any unused project budget.

Screenshot of Project Completion SAP Fiori App for Capital Project Controls

Create Fixed Assets Accurately and Efficiently

Automatically create fixed asset master records and maintain periodic settlement rules by percentage or value.

Identify Projects Due for Completion Easily

Analysis report to identify project due for closure based on date and percentage of completion.

Route Completion Requests to Procurement and Other Participants

Send completion requests through procurement to validate purchase order status and finance to ensure correct asset class assignments prior to automated processing.

Capital Project Analytics

The IQX Capital Project Analytics Fiori application provides a project portfolio analysis by project including budget, forecast, actual and commitment values.

Screenshot of Capital Project Analytics SAP Fiori App for Project Controls

Include all Investment Measures

Incorporate both projects and internal orders for holistic evaluation.

Analyze Capital Project Expenditure by Multiple Dimensions

Provides analysis by investment reason, plant, and asset class.

Drill-down to Actual Project Line Items

Drilldown to individual projects for a detailed analysis of actuals cost line items and commitments.

Transform your Project Creation, Forecasting and Completion with Project Controls

IQX Capital Project Control is a suite of SAP UI5 (Fiori) Apps designed to leverage the power of SAP to manage your control over capital project expenditure inline with allocated capital budgets. With its user-friendly interface, it’s easy for project managers to forecast expenditure efficiently and request budget transfer as required, for capex controllers to review and adopt revised expenditure forecasts and for executives to approval capital expenditure reallocation to substitute projects.