Implementation Services

IQX Implementation Services help customers to deliver business solutions that achieve quantifiable business value. Deep process expertise, the application of design thinking and agile principles differentiate the services customers receive. Customers appreciate the philosophy of working with and alongside one another delivering outcomes while ensuring knowledge transfer and self-sufficiency objectives.

Capital expenditure management, CAPEX

Design Thinking Services

Participate is design thinking workshops lead by experience facilitators to help you to discover the RIGHT problems to solve.  Learn how to rapidly generate and validate prototypes and deliver the design artifacts necessary for successful digital transformation projects.  Get on board for your digital innovation journey.

Financial Reporting

Coaching Services

Lower your delivery cost and risk by taking advantage of expert coaching services.  Complement your in-house team with design and coding guidance, expertise to break through development blockers and proactive engagement to ensure best practice solution delivery.  Get access to all the latest features, templates and code snippets.

Capital expenditure management, CAPEX

Turnkey App Development Services

Unblock your capacity constraints and take advantage of IQX’s expertise in Mobile FIRST Web delivery.  Digital transformation requires speed and scale.  Handover with confidence your design and build to our experienced delivery team and accelerate your digital transformation.

Discover how implementation services can assist your TEAM to deliver and stand out from the crowd!

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