Project Portfolio Management
and Capital Budgeting

Project Portfolio Management
and Capital Budgeting

Stratex Online delivers integrated Capital Budgeting

Stratex Online delivers integrated
Capital Budgeting

Integrate Project Portfolio Management, Budgeting, and Approvals

Finance teams are under immense pressure to select and budget project portfolios that optimize the allocation of scarce financial and human resources in the delivery of strategic objectives. Stratex Online streamlines the entire capital budgeting process for effective Project Portfolio Management. Streamline demand management, business case evaluation, portfolio selection, capital expenditure requests, and project forecasting to maximize return on investment. Achieve your strategic goals sooner at the lowest cost and risk.

The Capital budgeting process in SAP Project Portfolio Management

Figure 1: SAP-integrated Capital Budgeting Software as a Service, an alternative to SAP PPM.

Maximize Return on Invested Capital

Ensure optimal allocation of constrained capital and human resources to prioritize projects that align with your strategic objectives. Achieve your goals with reduced costs, accelerated timelines, and minimized risks.

Increase Speed and Productivity

Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity with streamlined processes that free up your valuable time. Replace spreadsheet-based processes with centralized data and analytics, and leverage fully automated workflow routing to eliminate the need for email-based approval processes. Accelerate your operations and optimize your resources for more impactful activities.

Mitigate Risk and Enhance Project Governance

Gain full control over the capital expenditure management process and strengthen project governance. Align approvals with procurement policy, conduct formal project risk assessments, and monitor project status for prompt corrective actions.

4 Steps in the Capital Budgeting Process

Project Demand Management

The capital budgeting process starts with an identified need or want.

Business Case Evaluation

A business case provides the justification for investment of time and money to achieve strategically aligned outcomes.

Project Portfolio Management and Budgeting

Management must choose and budget for the optimal capital project portfolio.

Capital Expenditure Requests

Management approval in accordance with delegation of authority and procurement policy.

Combine Idea and Demand Management for Success

Take control of your capital budgeting process right from the start by identifying needs or desires with precision. With the dynamic capabilities of Stratex Online, capturing emerging ideas becomes effortless for every member of your organization.

Empower all staff to access their area’s strategic goals and objectives, enabling seamless alignment of initiatives.

Leverage the power of a sophisticated initiative scoring model, meticulously evaluating each initiative. Rapidly escalate urgent and important projects for prompt management review.

Screenshot of Demand Management in Stratex Online SAP Project Portfolio Management

Drive Informed Decisions with Business Case Evaluation

Business case evaluation is where strategic decision-making drives tangible outcomes. A business case justifies investing your valuable time and resources to achieve strategically aligned results.

Stratex Online empowers you with a standardized and user-friendly Business Case template, enabling you to capture project justifications, classifications, and conduct comprehensive financial analyses effortlessly.

The key output of the Business Case evaluation is a reliable set of financial metrics, including the Payback Period, Net Present Value, and Internal Rate of Return. These powerful indicators provide valuable insights, enabling you to make informed decisions. Finally, the Business Case evaluation process culminates in an overall project ranking score, guiding you towards the optimal project portfolio.

Screenshot of Business Case Evaluation in Stratex Online for SAP Project Portfolio Management

Maximize Success with Project Portfolio Management and Budgeting

When funding and resources are limited, effective management takes charge to choose and budget for the optimal project portfolio.

With Stratex Online, area managers are empowered to seamlessly navigate the project portfolio selection process. Strategically allocate and distribute the enterprise budget to each area with precision.

Experience the power of automated portfolio selection, driven by your optimization strategy. Stratex Online streamlines the process, ensuring the most promising projects are identified effortlessly.

In addition, project portfolio request submission and approval workflows are fully systemized to support efficient aggregation and allocation of capital budgets by area.

Embrace the efficiency and precision of Stratex Online as it equips you to make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and drive success in project portfolio management and budgeting.

Screenshot of Project Portfolio Request in Stratex Online with SAP Project Portfolio Management

Seamless Capital Expenditure Requests and Approvals

When a project is ready for execution, it’s time to raise the Capital Expenditure Request (CER) for final approval.

This crucial step in the process, also known as Authorization For Expenditure (AFE), Request for Approval or Appropriation (RFA), or Project Expenditure Request (PER), ensures the necessary funding and resources are allocated.

With Stratex Online the approval process becomes effortless. The platform automatically determines the routing to all required approvers, ensuring transparency and expediting the process.

Stay on top of your approvals with reminders, escalations, and delegations, all supported by the convenience of mobile app approvals. Monitor the progress of your requests with ease, with Stratex Online’s comprehensive process monitoring capabilities.

Screenshot of Project Manager hierarchy for capital expenditure requests in Stratex Online with SAP Project Portfolio Management

Transform your Capital Budgeting Process with Stratex Online

Experience the full potential of your SAP capital budgeting process with Stratex Online, our SaaS solution for SAP PPM. Drive success with effective project portfolio management, leverage streamlined workflows, automate project portfolio selection, and maximize resource allocation. Explore Stratex Online today to streamline your capital expenditure management process: