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2022 Research Report | CAPEX

CAPEX Research Report Cover

This research looks at how CAPEX is being managed today by companies running SAP and the ensuing challenges. It also delves into best practices adopted by reputable companies and what CAPEX digitalization means to them.

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How Effective CAPEX Delivers ROI

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When you stop and calculate the real financial impact CAPEX has on a business it builds a business case for not only the finance team but also other stakeholders in the business. Read on to discover how IQX CAPEX delivers ROI.

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Capital Expenditure Management


CAPEX is a process that impacts the highest level decision makers, and therefore an intuitive executive end-user experience to plan, prioritize, review and approve high value investments is imperative….

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Workflow Approvals

workflow approvals OneList

Rather than clogging up email or deploying multiple companion apps for each process and system, business decision makers need to review and approve multiple disparate tasks via one consistent user experience…

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SAP Your Digital Platform

Making SAP Great again

SAP is being overlooked as the platform for digital transformation this ebook looks at the key obstacles stopping rapid adoption of SAP as the digital transformation platform and how you can make SAP great again in the eyes of your end-users and sponsors.

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Fiori Digitalization

Overcoming Challenges with SAP Fiori

How your ABAP developers and SAP Functional consultants can be the driving force to sustainable Fiori apps and digitalization. Includes a Fiori development checklist.

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