Mobile Sales Order Fiori App Delivered in Under 4 Weeks

Mobile Sales Order Fiori App Delivered in Under 4 Weeks


Sales Order Challenges

Allied Pinnacle is the result of the merging of Allied Mills and Pinnacle Bakery and Integrated Ingredients. The two entities needed one simple, mobile-enabled sales order processing solution that consolidated and improved the sales ordering process which presented the following challenges:

  1. A combined sales force which had two distinct methods of processing sales orders.
  2. One of the business units had never used SAP before.
  3. Data capture was paper based resulting in errors and delays in processing.
  4. Sales Reps were unfamiliar with combined company product and customer portfolio (2x the Products and Customers).
  5. Order history / Customer specific pricing and Stock Availability not available at the time of placing the order.

Outcome using IQX AppBuilder

A mobile ready Fiori app was built to replace the existing paper process in 4 weeks. This provided credit status, stock availability, order history and real time pricing. The true digital transformation came when customers were empowered to place their own orders through the same Fiori app.

Allied Pinnacle achieved:

  1. 100% adoption of the new Fiori app by both SAP and non SAP sales reps.
  2. Improved Customer Satisfaction with accurate availability to promise and real time pricing.
  3. Increased order processing speed and quality with mobilized and validated order entry.
  4. Orders could be placed directly from the customer without the need for the sales rep.


“Wherever our people are, they can view what needs to be approved, the corresponding attachments and do their approvals. It has made the manager’s lives much easier,” Lesley Anne said.

The Allied Pinnacle SAP system was an older ECC6 (EP4) environment with no immediate plans to move to S/4 HANA. However, through SAPs web based FIORI platform Allied Pinnacle investigated how they could develop a mobile-enabled solution that had access to all the SAP customer, material and sales order data.

“We learnt that we can leverage the power of Fiori while remaining with ECC6, however it was the IQX AppBuilder that allowed us to get there fast and waste no time in keeping our sales teams engaged, inspired and delivering their jobs, which like any business we rely on,” said Stephen.

  • Allied Pinnacle talks about the solution

Compared to other solutions we looked at, IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori could manage a complete business process tailored to our specific requirements with multiple calls and transactional updates to SAP on final approval, and delivered in a fraction of the time.

Stephen Allcock - Allied Pinnacle

Stephen Allcock, Sales Lead for Consolidation, Allied Pinnacle


Allied Pinnacle’s new sale order process was deployable as a transport to a new NetWeaver 7.4 Gateway server and did not need any back-end system patches or upgrades. IQX AppBuilder was deployed onto a new front-end gateway server to allow an agile and rapid build of the Sales Entry App.

The complete project took no more than 3 weeks and less than 20 consulting days. This was achieved due to the integrated design, development and run environment and the “What you see is what you get” capability of the IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori.

Because the Allied Pinnacle sales team had been actively involved in designing and prototyping the solution, they took to it immediately with virtually no training. The structured environment makes support and modifications very easy. For example, the incorporation of user feedback and improvements post go-live to continually improve the business process and user experience.


The IQX AppBuilder workflow accelerated the sales order entry process while also improving overall process control. There are now four easy steps to process a sales order, all built in the one intuitive Fiori App:

  1. The sales rep logs in and is immediately shown a list of their assigned customers.
  2. On selection of a customer there is an auto retrieval of the dynamic product proposal including; the last 6 sales orders, a customer specific material list pre-populated with prices and Availability to Promise quantities for additional material selection, as well as the customer’s credit status.
  3. The sales rep adjusts the line-item quantities required as well as selects any additional products to easily generate a draft sales order.
  4. The final asynchronous step is to create the sales order with any errors automatically routed to the customer service team with a workflow task.

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