SAPinsider 2020 is home to 6 distinctive events, that bring together an SAP community of 2500+ users, experts, and partners under one roof. Each program is designed with a comprehensive agenda, expert speakers, and actionable case studies to help you Master SAP and Power the Intelligent Enterprise.

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Three IQX Clients Will Tell Their CAPEX Stories at SAPinsider 2020:

Albany International, Anand Padmanabhan
Case Study: Albany International moves capital expenditure management from SharePoint to SAP Fiori

Albany International converted their existing SharePoint capital expenditure process into an SAP Fiori application that eliminated the need for complex interfaces/manual updates in and out of SAP. Learn how they replaced a SharePoint and InfoPath solution with a Fiori app running directly on top of SAP that has set the foundation for providing business users and executives with a simpler, more accurate and controlled way of capturing and approving requests in a timely manner. You will learn:

  • How Albany enabled requests to be created and validated using values looked up directly from SAP and leveraged the deep integration of their new solution to facilitate the automatic generation of SAP objects (Project/WBS Structures/Assets)
  • Understand how the movement of the Capex data into SAP provided Albany International with huge improvements in the areas of reporting and analytics
  • Learn how Albany was able to extend the process to include activities that happen before and after the Capex request like financial planning, asset creation, depreciation/amortization etc.
  • Albany’s experience with other critical topics such as SharePoint and InfoPath Process and Workflow, development approaches, as well as Albany’s Capex Fiori Roadmap

MACOM, Martha McGrath
Case Study: ‘Digitalizing’ and streamlining capital expenditure management process with SAP Fiori

MACOM was able to accelerate and control their capital expenditure management process leveraging custom SAP Fiori Apps on ECC6. Previously our process relied on Excel spreadsheets, email and manual SAP updates and was cumbersome, lacked visibility and didn’t have the necessary controls. Digitalizing the entire process from Capital Expenditure Requests to creation of SAP Internal Orders ensured that requestors were able to easily provide the required project justifications (including drag and drop from Excel and attachment of supporting documents), our approval workflow is in accordance with policy based on value and area of responsibility, and our managers are able to make timely and informed decisions to ensure that we can take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities. Key agenda topics include:

  • Previous CAPEX process overview and associated challenges
  • New Fiori solution overview and demonstration
  • Key business benefits achieved
  • Lessons learned
  • Next steps

Solenis, John Marquart
Case Study: How Solenis updated core business processes with SAP Fiori

Hear how Solenis leveraged the power of an SAP connected solution (Fiori) to replace an existing Authorization for Expenditure process developed in Lotus Notes in a very accelerated timeline. Understand how the complex requirements around validations, approval workflow, data staging and reporting were implemented through the use of a low code Fiori development platform running directly on SAP focused for existing ABAP developers. You will:

  • Learn how the transformation of their process into SAP provided additional capabilities around validation, elimination of interfaces and the manual rekeying of data into SAP
  • Discover how Solenis used SAP Fiori to provide more mobile access to the data for approvers and how the combination of a dedicated mobile approval platform provided all executives with an offline-capable way of getting notified immediately when approvals are created
  • Understand how Solenis achieved other core business benefits, lessons learned and their overall SAP Fiori Roadmap

IQX Focusing on Capital Expenditure Management

Planning and controlling how capital is invested is critical for any organization. SAP provides powerful components to manage investment planning, capital expenditure and related procurement but until now these have been viewed as difficult to use.

IQX Business Solutions will be exhibiting at SAPinsider 2020 at booth #116. Focusing on Capital Expenditure Managementattendees will get the opportunity to speak to our experts and discuss our fully automated Capital Expenditure management solution, built on SAP Fiori and powered by our Certified AppBuilder® add-in, that addresses the complete Capital Management process in a flexible, collaborative and user-friendly way.

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