OneList 8 comes with exciting usability and infrastructure enhancements that clients are sure to love! While OneList continues to focus on consolidating workflow tasks across multiple applications for easier workflow approval, making the user interface even more appealing is helping clients make decisions even faster.

OneList is commonly used for approval workflow scenarios such as:

  • Purchase Requisition Approval
  • Customer Price Change Requests
  • New Position Approvals
  • Rebate Agreement Approvals
  • New Product Introduction Approvals
  • Contract Approvals
  • Leave Approval
  • CAPEX Approval
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Invoice Approval
  • Credit Approval

User Interface Enhancements Aimed to Fast Track Workflow Approvals

With OneList 8 comes a fresh new look and layout. Clients can switch between ‘All’ or ‘Categorized’ items in their Inbox, Outbox or History. Being able to group tasks is an efficient way to action approvals regardless of your location or device.

The biggest change clients will notice is the new 3 panel layout and easy navigation. This has improved visibility by being able to show Categories, Tasks, and Task Attachments in one view. However, choice is key to user experience, and you can collapse to one panel if this better suits your working style.

Studies show visual information can be processed 60,000 times faster than text and is easier to remember. With OneList 8 you now have a choice of ‘category icons’ or simple ‘color coding’ of categories, choose what works for you.

Mobile categorization

Finally, OneList administrators have not been forgotten in this new software release. A full screen preview in OneList’s Configurator is now available making layout design simpler and faster as it is all contained in the same view. No more flicking between programs to check changes made to assist approvers.

Administrator Configurator OneList

Stay on Top of Approval Requests with Reminder Notifications

Approval software aims to remove bottlenecks and delays in an approval process. Staying on top of every approval request is easier with reminder notifications. This feature allows organizations to configure the frequency and selection criteria for a task reminder to be sent out to managers, ensuring approval requests are completed on time.

It is proven that productive work habits can be enhanced with reminder notifications. OneList 8 gives system administrators flexibility to schedule reminders on a daily basis or only for specific days of the week, for example:

  • Schedule reminders for 2 days after an approval request is received to ensure it’s not missed during busy work days;
  • Set up reminder notifications for 1 day before an approval request is due; or
  • Perhaps your organization is use to receiving reminder notifications based on ‘task types’ or ‘priority’, these can be setup accordingly.

This new reminder feature supports the progression of approval requests through multi-layered and sometimes complex approval processes.

Reminder notifications feature in OneList Approval Software

OneList 8 Now Supports MSGraph and Webhooks

Approval notification and data accuracy are key components to any effective workflow approval software. For this reason OneList 8 now leverages MSGraph and Webhooks to deliver a more robust experience.

In OneList’s latest release, MSGraph enables a more reliable email notification service for approvals, which allows OAuth authentication between OneList and Office 365. In addition, the new Webhook support in OneList 8 brings data synchronization between OneList and the source system to a new level as it enables real-time event-based notifications.

OneList 8 Technical Release Notes, User and Administration Guides

IQX Business Solutions is proud to bring you OneList version 8. For those wishing to dig deeper into the detail our technical team has made available the following documentation:

The OneList user app is available on Google Play and Apple App Store. Please note for productive use, the OneList App requires the OneList Server application to be installed and integrated into back-end systems. The server component is available from IQX Business Solutions request demo today.

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