SAP Fiori and Mobile Applications – The Advantages

Has this happened to you? You’re in that meeting, thinking it’s never going to end. A buzzing mobile interrupts the attention and someone thumbs their phone. It’s habitual.

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile is communication is right at your fingertips. For someone who habitually looks at their mobile, they seem to attend to every message as it occurs. It may appears rude, but it gives them huge personal power. No message remains unanswered. And why is it that’s also that person who takes on the next action item? This habit should be your business’ advantage.  It is all possible with a technology introduced by SAP and IQX Business.

SAP Fiori is an important efficiency enabler, which provides SAP application on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.  It’s important because of changing competitiveness. Business are increasingly acting on information from anywhere without being coupled to location.  It helps companies remain in touch with customers, vendor and staff all the time.

You might say that this is possible with a mobile mail inbox. This may have been the case, but today’s inboxes seldom highlight critical business workflow tasks thereby creating workflow bottlenecks. Cluttered inboxes do little to improve efficiency.

How do modern companies operate? The modern competitive company operates real time,  offline, online and in a social context.  There are no boundaries. They rely on being reactive in a sort of proactive way. For instance, applications such as Fiori Approvals, Fiori myInbox reduce the time taken to attend to business approval tasks by making them available anywhere.

But, SAP Fiori has it’s limitations. A modern company has many critical platforms that are not all integrated into SAP.  For instance, it’s difficult to pull in information from Microsoft SharePoint like Vendor on-boarding, travel requests or purchase order approvals. These are often uploaded via a business portal. Keeping businesses competitive is about removing technical workflow bottlenecks. Technology should be the enabler. At IQX Business Solutions we take advantage of what SAP Fiori has to offer and we have taken note of the technical constraints . We have produced a complementary product called Onelist Approvals. Our business implements both products and solutions. And, our product will also pleasure the thumb master allowing them to approve business tasks out of any system in a timely and efficient way, all outside of SAP and in any location.

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