IQX Business Solutions was proud to speak at, and sponsor the 2021 Mastering SAP OnAir series. The coming together of 6 Communities: Financials; HR & Payroll; Technologies & Cloud; Data & Analytics; Security & Risk; and Public Sector.

Richard Frykberg, CEO of IQX Business Solutions presented three sessions at this year’s virtual conference. Where possible we have included the recordings or links to rewatch sessions:

Live Demonstration Using FIORI to Manage the end to end CAPEX Process

This live demo provided:

  • Example of how leveraging your existing SAP technology and SAP Fiori is able to address the end-to-end CAPEX process from idea to Asset Creation and Benefits Realisation.
  • How standard Investment Management, Internal Orders, and WBS elements are used in a Fiori user experience to meet the needs of all CAPEX process participants.

Below is a recording of the solution demonstration given at Mastering SAP OnAir:

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SAP FIORI – The Ideal CAPEX Management Solution

This interactive discussion and workshop on Capital Investment and Expenditure Management included:

  • Live panel discussion with representatives from Adelaide Brighton Cement and Visy Industries discussing CAPEX Management from both a finance and operational perspectives
  • Hear from other SAP users how a Fiori based CAPEX solution was the catalyst to start a Fiori journey
Screen Shot 2021 08 09 at 12.34.58 pm

We value your feedback and participation at the Mastering SAP OnAir Event.  Please leave us your thoughts:

How to Better Control Capital Expenditure Management

Effectively prioritising the investment of limited capital funding and resources is the most important responsibility of management. Are you frustrated getting approvals? Do you have real-time visibility of budgets, plans, forecasts and actuals? Are you tasked with integrating external CAPEX solutions and data into SAP to manage CAPEX? Learn how other organisations have successfully embraced Fiori to ensure control and visibility of the complete Capital Investment and Expenditure Management process:

  • How to manage collaboration and approvals of CAPEX requests in an era of remote working
  • How to prioritise competing CAPEX requests considering Resource and Funding constraints
  • How to monitor the CAPEX process from Idea to Benefits realisation.

This session was not recorded at Mastering SAP OnAir, however please watch the “SAP FIORI – The Ideal CAPEX Management Solution” for a panel discussion.

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