IQX Sponsors LifeLine Ball

For the past few years IQX’s management team have showed their support for the life saving work Lifeline does in Australia.  This year was no exception as the management team attended the annual gala ball and sponsored training for an additional Lifeline operator for 2019.

Lifeline currently receives more than 900,000 calls per year 24×7, however due to a lack of sufficient operators they are only able to answer 84% of these calls.

“It was a fantastic evening raising more than $200,000 towards Lifeline and IQX was proud to sponsor training for an additional Lifeline operator for 2019,” said Richard Frykberg, CEO, IQX Business Solutions.

Lifeline’s Sapphire Gala Ball is an annual fundraiser for Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury.  The event raises vital funds to provide Lifeline’s crisis support and suicide prevention services.

It is unimaginable to think that every single day in Australia, around 8 people take their own lives. Lifeline provides life saving services for people to turn to when they are desperate, lonely, and in crisis.

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