IQX has just released its latest version of OneList V7.3, further improving its already popular Mobile Executive Approvals solution enabling managers to make important business decisions faster and more confidently.

Executives must consider alternatives, risks, compliance and supporting documentation when making decisions, which often makes them a bottleneck for approvals.

OneList version 7.3 now includes the below highlights, all of which contribute to a more comprehensive and efficient solution for today’s businesses looking to streamline their operations and focus on their market impact.

New Enhancements and Features

Version 7.3 delivers:

  • New Outbox or Requestor View
  • Attachment enhancements to support action attachments, line-level attachments, and viewing of attachments in Task History
  • Configurator enhancements
  • Connectivity improvements for enhanced VPN user experience
  • General performance enhancements
  • OneList-Client JS

1. Outbox

With the primary focus on the aggregation of incoming workflow tasks for approvers, OneList now supports the aggregation of outgoing requests. This enables users to view and monitor the progress of their requests across multiple backend applications in a single, accessible, intuitive and consistent user experience. Please see the Administration Guide for configuration options.

OneList on Mobile
OneList on Mobile
OneList on Mobile
IQX OneList New Features Screen V7.1.1

2. Attachment Enhancements

With attachments being an important aspect to support requests and decision making, IQX has introduced a number of enhancements in OneList version 7.3 a critical one being action attachments: OneList now allows approvers to attach supporting documents in the approval process.

Picturing Workflow Approval solution attachment for OneList
workflow approval attachments OneList

Line-level and history attachments: In relation to line-level actions being one of the key features of OneList approvals. OneList now supports the integration of line-level and task history attachments which enables approvers to review current and previous supporting documents before making a decision.

Line-level and history attachments OneList
OneList screenshot of Line-level and history attachments

3. Configurator Enhancements

As IQX continues to listen and learn from our customers, we continue to improve the OneList Configurator being one of the key Administration Tools in OneList for layout and binding.

Version 7.3 comes with major configurator enhancements to support the configuration of the Outbox; if customers wish for the Requestor View to be laid out differently. Otherwise, the Outbox will use the same layout configuration as the Inbox.

Along with this enhancement, Administrators can now Copy & Paste configured nodes from one adapter to another, or sections from Inbox configuration to Outbox.

Configurator Enhancements OneList

4. OneList-Client JS

OneList Version 7.3 includes the new OneList-Client JS! A light weight javascript library which enables embedding of a customizable OneList badge and/or panel within an existing web application/page.

OneList-Client JS handles both Authentication and WebSocket notifications between the parent application/page and embedded OneList panel to maintain the same user experience that our customers get from OneList across all platforms.

OneList Client Javascript

With version 7.3 we are excited to help existing customers and new customers experience the business benefits an effective mobile executive approvals solution delivers. Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you want to be part of our beta testing.

You may also access our documentation if you wish to check the release notes and learn more about OneList via the User and Administrations Guides.

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