As the pace of digitalization of business processes accelerates, managers are increasingly bombarded with more emails and more apps to approve business transactions. With the latest release of IQX OneList now running natively in the Cloud, consolidating and mobilizing automated approval tasks couldn’t be easier.

IQX Business Solutions’ latest release IQX OneList (version 6.0), further improves executives’ instant access to workflow tasks across multiple backend applications including SAP, SharePoint, and Salesforce. Modern managers are no longer the bottleneck for approving requests because it’s all in the palm of their hand: online and off-line.

Digital Transformation with automated workflow is key for organizational efficiency and governance. OneList eliminates the typical approval bottleneck by empowering managers with the necessary information. Accessible everywhere and presented intuitively, it allows managers to make the right decisions sooner and more confidently.

Richard Frykberg, CEO, IQX Business Solutions

IQX OneList 6.0 is now cloud native. Completely scalable, reliable and secure with new container-based deployment architecture. This means customers will be able to deploy OneList rapidly and easily integrate both on-premises and cloud solutions giving managers visibility of all their assigned tasks.

Customers currently use IQX OneList for Purchase Requisition Approval, Customer Price Change Requests, New Position Approvals, Rebate Agreement Approvals, Contract Approvals, Leave Approval, Capital Expenditure Approval and a whole lot more.

Data security is essential and IQX OneList 6.0 has adopted best-practice OAuth (Open Authorization) integrated security to fully leverage a customer’s Identity Management System with no credentials stored on any device.

Furthermore, there is Two Factor Authentication and biometric security on supported devices. Customers can be sure that data is encrypted everywhere: on the server, on their device, and in transit.

In addition to the cloud re-platforming, the release of IQX OneList 6.0 includes advanced Delegation Polices and HTML Support for Task Details for a more engaging User Experience.  “The re-factored open API puts customers in complete control of the tasks they want to manage,” says Richard.

OneList Approval App Images

Leveraging iPAAS (Integration Platform as a Service) large businesses can consolidate their on-premises and cloud application workflows into a single task-list for the ultimate convenience of executives and simplification of their technical environment.

Available for download at the Apple Store  and Playstore IQX OneList 6.0 is quick and easy to setup, only requiring the OneList URL from the user to start the Open Authorization (OAuth) process, which can be configured via Mobile Device Management (MDM).

In addition to native apps for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems, OneList email approval continues to operate wherever and whenever a customer chooses.

IQXOneList URL OAuth

Existing and new customers can take comfort knowing OneList V5 will continue to be supported until 2020. To take advantage of the exciting new features of IQX OneList 6.0, a server upgrade is required to implement the new cloud-hosted, security and enhanced integration capabilities.

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