IQX Business Solutions Expands Innovative Solutions to UK

Our Partnership with Green Lemon Company

After successful sales to companies like Coca-Cola HBC, KOMATSU, MMG and Sun Chemicals it didn’t take long for Green Lemon Company to identify the innovative niche technology on offer by IQX Business Solutions and become the first UK partner to implement our enterprise solutions.

The agreement was signed today and is an important step in IQX Business Solutions’ drive to establish a worldwide network of Partners utilizing their enterprise solutions to accelerate and control business processes.

IQX Business Solutions – Implementing Enterprise Solutions

The IQX software will allow the team at Green Lemon Company to leverage their existing resources to help customers build secure, integrated and workflow enabled Fiori Apps for SAP, using the IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori product. In addition, IQX’s unique OneList solutions allows customers to take control of their business processes with a one stop solution for all workflow approvals from all systems.

Green Lemon Company’s CEO – Matt Thompsett, says “There is no doubt that digital transformation is the biggest disruptor in history, our aim is to enable enterprise clients to build robust, functional Fiori Applications in rapid timeframes without having to add additional skills to their workforce. And then to control those business processes with a centralized approval system, giving our clients mobility, transparency and enable them to make informed decisions.”

The agreement is a milestone in IQX Business Solutions’ roadmap. An enterprise solution provider, IQX Business Solutions will be building its customer base through its Partner Network. While the IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori solution is targeting the SAP community, the OneList solution embraces any system that is workflow enabled. IQX has several enterprise solutions and continues with a very aggressive development roadmap.

Richard Frykberg, IQX Business Solutions CEO, commented “To remain competitive, enterprises are actively seeking solutions that will improve customer relations as well as empower and mobilize the workforce. With traditional methods and tools, this is costly and time consuming. With our IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori and OneList solutions combined with Green Lemon Company’s front-end talent, we’ll be able to quickly deliver well-designed, workflow enabled apps that integrate seamlessly with SAP systems. In conjunction with the centralized OneList approval app, this enables customers to truly accelerate and control their business processes.”

About Green Lemon Company

For organisations undertaking Digital Transformation, Green Lemon Company delivers solutions that take enterprise applications from design to deployment to any device in a fraction of the time of conventional approaches.

Unlike the alternatives, they use low code and Fiori app build technology to deliver business value to the organisation at a pace unmatched by hand-coding.

Based in Silicon Beach, Brighton, UK Green Lemon Company is a ‘Mode 2 enabler’. They bridge the gap between the safe, reliable and stable world of Mode 1 and the disruptive, exploratory and agile world of Mode 2. Green Lemon Company’s chosen technologies are all selected for their ability to take the mass and power of a complex back-end IT estate and drop it deftly onto a Digital Platform. That demands the right partners working in harmony.

About IQX Business Solutions

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia with its American HQ in Cincinnati, Ohio, IQX Business Solutions have been making a difference in enterprise solutions for almost ten years.

IQX Business Solutions accelerate and control collaborative business processes. The IQX focus is on empowering authorized Executives to make timely decisions, more confidently, with verifiable policy compliance and probity. IQX management consultants apply a Design Thinking approach to provide an engaging and delightful user-experience.

IQX software provides the platform for digital process automation. OneList Approvals enables cross-application decision task aggregation, mobile approvals and seamless system integration to allow executives to make more informed decisions sooner. IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori (FAB) enables SAP customers to create their own workflow-enabled responsive Web Apps rapidly utilizing existing in-house skills.

Article also published in Inside SAP

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