In Q4, we released a new version of IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori.  We are pleased to share some highlights of the latest release below, more technical details can be found in the release notes, including all enhancements and improvements.

Email Templates and Configuration

To accelerate and simplify the implementation of email notifications during the various phases of a given workflow, a brand-new email template component was added to the Process Flow designer.

  • Emails can be configured and sent directly through the Process Designer without the need to write any ABAP code.
  • Master Templates provide a way to create consistent looking email communications without the need to build your style and layout into every email notification.
  • Multiple sections can be added to a template which can be configured to only show under certain data conditions or could repeat when a table or list of items need to be included in the email body.
  • Live preview of your HTML formatted email is provided based on existing requests from your application.
IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori Email Templates and Configuration

Workflow Enhancements

  • Enhanced the Process Flow component to provide a view that allows users and approvers to see every single upcoming task in the workflow along with the names of the agents/approvers.
  • SAP substitutions can now be leveraged from within Fiori apps with a simple configuration switch in the application.
IQX AppBuilder for SAP Fiori Workflow Enhancements

Enhanced Deployment Support

  • Expanded deployment option support for a number of different Fiori Gateway configurations including running on non-ERP systems (e.g. CRM, SRM etc.)
  • Simplified the process of creating standalone apps and adding them into the Fiori Launch Pad.
  • Initial support added to allow the generation of Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to support mobile and offline solutions.

Developer Enhancements

  • Added device emulator in the developer workbench so that apps can be viewed on multiple different device types during development.
  • Improved the Process Designer to show developers the interactions between different tasks in the workflow based on the actions that are executed.
  • Provide a way in the Process Designer to specify fixed agents/approvers which speeds up workflow development and testing.
  • Changes to Entity Sets designed in FAB now automatically clear the metadata cache on the Gateway server when changes occur.
  • Constant values can now be used in Search Help configurations and Filters instead of having to use a field in the Data Model.
  • Search helps can now be configured to sort by either the key or the description.
  • Improvements to ABAP object generation process now automatically generates an appropriate name based on the application and naming standards.
  • Change Control now allows for comments to be supplied when creating new iterations of applications.

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