Leveraging SAP Fiori application development is the fastest way to fully automate CAPEX management in SAP ERP to make timely, confident investment decisions. Here we have the most common FAQs for CAPEX that we are asked, along with our answers to help you in your research.

No. CAPEX for SAP Fiori works on ERP and S/4HANA

All users will need to have access to your FLP. SAP integration to create Order/Projects/Budgets/Plans is only performed by the last user in the process chain, who may be your current Finance team member.

Most of IQX’s customers were not yet using Investment Management, and we have configured this for them based on best practices.

Yes. This is a common business requirement, and is fully supported by our Forecasting app. We maintain multiple versions of the forecast if required for comparative analysis, and the Excel export/import routines are very helpful. The forecast is automatically updated with actuals to date.

Yes. IQX workflows run within SAP and reference current business responsibility rules and organizational roles and responsibilities. Whilst customers will commonly simply self-administer the Approval Matrix via Fiori, we have also integrated with external organizational management structures (such as SuccessFactors or Workday) to determine agent assignments.

Yes, all IQX customers have unique CAPEX priorities. Some examples include:

For a soft-drink manufacturer, CAPEX is focussed on bottles and fridges
For a waste management company it is Garbage Trucks
For a Healthcare organization it is Trademarks and Patents
For a building materials company it is spare parts.

Because IQX recognizes each company’s unique needs, our request forms, workflows and integration are highly and rapidly configurable leveraging our SAP certified AppBuilder add-on.

Yes, IQX offers a complementary suite of Fiori-based procurement apps to supplement the CAPEX process.

IQX is able to provide Fiori apps to manage the initiation, approval and processing of other related Asset transactions in a familiar and consistent way.

All approvals can be directly processed through Fiori MyInbox. However, customers prefer OneList as it incorporates SAP and non-SAP tasks and provides a much richer native mobile application user-experience.

The IQX CAPEX solution is licensed on a simple per-app basis to allow for incremental adoption. There is no per-user pricing applicable, we can install and configure working prototype apps in your environment in days. There is then an agile process involving tailoring of request forms, adjusting your workflow routing rules, adapting integration and refining of reports that typically runs from 3-6 months.

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