Sydney, Australia – IQX Business Solutions, exclusive distributor for Excel4apps SAP Products in Australia, launched Reports Wand in Sydney last week.

Excel4apps and IQX Business Solutions are pleased to announce the release of Reports Wand, a solution for creating Excel-based reports from a range of functional areas, or modules, in SAP. Reports Wand for SAP is used on its own or as a complement to Excel4apps’ flagship GL Wand solution, which produces financial reports via an Excel-based interface to live data from SAP Financials. The products are built on the Excel4apps philosophy of easy, accurate access to ERP system data.

“Our customers love the simplicity and self-sufficiency offered by GL Wand and the introduction of Reports Wand extends these benefits to all ERP users.” Dave Cole, Sales and Marketing Director, IQX Business Solutions.

“With its ability to drill down into SAP data sources outside SAP Financials, Reports Wand opens a universe of new possibilities for developing highly customized reports, while better leveraging an SAP investment,” said Grant Peterson, Excel4apps’ SAP product manager. “It’s a powerful combination—to use SAP query ability for accessing data anywhere in the ERP system and to capitalize on Excel’s strength as an interface and report creation tool. Because data is refreshable in existing reports, there is no need to reformat a report each time new data is added.”

The solution for SAP is similar to Reports Wand for the Oracle E-Business Suite released several years ago. The new Reports Wand accesses key SAP modules, including:

– Controlling (CO)
– Sales & Distribution (SD)
– Human Capital Management (HCM)
– Materials Management (MM)
– Plant Maintenance (PM)
– Production Planning (PP)
– Finance (FI)

In addition, users can produce highly detailed and formatted reports without IT involvement using pre-existing SAP queries and SAP reports. If the SAP query does not exist, an organization’s IT support staff simply defines the SAP query and turns it over to users for additional customization in Reports Wand, without the need for ongoing IT support. Integration with existing SAP reports is planned for a future release.

Users can exploit Excel formatting, pivot tables, charts and user-defined functions to create variants of reports that are multi-tiered and drillable to data levels set by IT, while leveraging the existing SAP value sets and security. To do so, users simply modify parameters, filters or options on a Reports Wand task pane and re-execute the sheet or double click to drill into details.

Reports Wand offers increased flexibility and speed in terms of filtering, sorting and formatting real-time SAP data in Excel. Because users work in a familiar Excel environment with Reports Wand, as with GL Wand, the software requires minimal training.

Excel4apps is a member of the SAP PartnerEdge™ Program.

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