Live Excel-based SAP reporting for a faster close.
Lets users build rich graphical reports.
Securely integrated with SAP.

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Accelerate your month end-close with real-time reports. Eliminate data dumps and enforce data access security. Intuitive to financial accountants - no training required.


Empowering end users with a smart combination of Microsoft Excel and SAP.

GL Wand Report

User Driven Reporting


User-driven creation and editing of report layouts, application of formatting, formulae and charts, and simple data refreshes at the click of a button.

Drill Down in GL Wand

Drill Down for Advanced Analysis


Live drill-down to line items, documents and related data in SAP.

GL Wand Function Wizard

Report Functions and Wizards


Pre-defined building blocks and SAP queries, enabling fast report building while maintaining data integrity in SAP.


Productive. Timely. Effective. Compliant.
Optimise financial reporting productivity.

Finance Productivity


Optimises productivity through accurate and agile reporting and analysis.

Improving process efficiency in Financial reporting

Process Efficiency


Places focus on meaningful analysis and action, with deep and flexible business insight.

Ensuring compliance in financial reporting



Enforces compliance with finance policies by providing visibility and actively including all stakeholders in the reporting and analysis process.


Deepen your business insight with integrated Microsoft Excel and SAP financial reporting tools.

Excel-driven SAP reporting

The Power of Excel


Excel-driven SAP reporting with seamless and live data extracts directly from SAP.

Empowering users in financial reporting

Empowering End Users


User-driven reports, charts and pivot tables in Excel, providing access to real-time SAP data, in the right format.

Financial Reporting processes with seamless SAP Integration

Seamless SAP Integration

Consistent SAP data retrieval and data modelling based on centrally governed SAP queries. Security-compliance using SAP usernames and passwords.
Download the financial reporting datasheet for more information

Download Financial Reporting DataSheet

Looking for more information? Download our DataSheet or contact us for more detailed information.

Formula zoom in GL Wand

GL Wand for SAP White Paper

This white paper considers the merits of an Excel-based approach to financial reporting in an SAP environment.

GL Wand Demo

See GL Wand in action, using Excel skills to report live data from SAP.

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A ready-to-run Business Process Solution to manage your Financial Reporting in SAP.

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