SAP Add-On Products

OneList Approvals

OneList combines tasks from SAP, SharePoint and other enterprise applications into one actionable list accessible via desktop, tablet, mobile or Outlook for fast, easy and informed decision-making.

Fiori Apps


FioriAppBuilder empowers your in-house SAP development team to rapidly generate workflow-enabled SAP Fiori Applications that your business users will love.


MyHR Web Apps provide consumer grade intuitive access to the suite of most common HR Employee Self Service scenarios accessible on all device types.

GL Wand

GL Wand for SAP is an innovative real-time Excel-based reporting tool for finance departments running SAP. GL Wand enables highly efficient finance reporting, shorter month ends and faster refreshes directly from SAP.


Reports Wand is a real-time, user friendly, Excel based front-end for SAP reporting. It allows users to access and report on ERP-wide data in a familiar, highly flexible Excel format.


GLSU is a world-class solution for loading FI data into your SAP system. Used by thousands of SAP users worldwide, GLSU provides lightning fast, simple and flexible data entry from a spreadsheet.


IQX CAPEX solution supports long range capital expenditure planning and project budget management. The IQX CAPEX solution incorporates Excel budget preparation and analysis, a web application for CAPEX requests, and mobile OneList integration for budget approvals. CAPEX is completely self-contained with built-in Workflow and Document Management. Optionally, full SAP integration is available.

Budget Loader

Budget Loader is an Excel add-in that lets you load SAP budget/plan data directly from an Excel spreadsheet. Enjoy the functionality, flexibility and familiarity of preparing your plan data in Excel and supplementing this with actuals to date, without the expense and errors of manually entering the results into SAP or building an inflexible custom interface.


Modern web forms efficiently collect data from all participants, capture supporting documents and automatically update SAP. Integrated approvals and process monitoring keep managers informed.


With IQ Foundation, you can bring SAP to all your business users in a familiar SharePoint environment, allowing them to combine SAP and non-SAP information for a holistic and insightful business perspective.
Enable collaborative processes that incorporate structured SAP and unstructured supporting documentation for effective decision making and provide a simplified intuitive user experience for SAP transaction processing.


IQstock is a Microsoft Excel add-in to assist Inventory Managers with the process of updating physical inventory stocktake results back into SAP. It manages the entire process directly from within familiar Excel.


SalesSheet is an Excel add-in that enables business users to analyse sales performance directly from within Excel.

Purpose built for tight integration to SAP, SalesSheet is deployed within minutes and users require virtually no training to be fully self-sufficient at accessing live sales information from “Order to Cash”.