Improve your SAP CAPEX process with structured CAPEX requests, integrated budgets and supporting documents and structured approvals.

All reports


Responsive, mobile-enabled electronic forms for CAPEX requests, purchase requests, goods receipts and asset valuation.


Supporting Documentation

Easy attachment, storage and retrieval of supporting documentation inside and outside SAP.

Task list

Reviews & Approvals

Collaborative review and approval of CAPEX Requests. In one list and on any device, with supporting documentation and integration to SAP.


A smart combination of familiar and loved tools such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook and SharePoint, whilst maintaining the integrity of SAP.

Money bag

CAPEX Requests

Form-driven CAPEX requests with quantitative and qualitative justification, contextualised review and approval, and seamless integration to CAPEX budgets in SAP.


Purchase Requests

Portal-based initiation of purchase requests, including supporting documentation and flexible and collaborative approvals, connecting all involved parties.

Transportation cost

Fixed Asset Creation, Receipts & Asset Valuation

Intuitive portal for SAP fixed asset master data creation, asset receipts and asset valuation.


Productive. Timely. Effective. Compliant.


Executive Productivity

Optimises productivity and decision-making with contextualised CAPEX review and approval on mobile devices.


Process Efficiency

Accelerates CAPEX turnaround time, efficiency and throughput.



Enforces compliance with CAPEX policies by providing transparency and visibility, and actively including all stakeholders.


Pricing is available on request. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.