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SAP Fiori Myths and Fantasies

by Richard Frykberg

Attend an SAP event these days, and SAP Fiori is everywhere. But what exactly is SAP Fiori? These are my observations and thoughts as to what SAP Fiori is not.
SAP Fiori is a thing
False. Per SAP: “SAP Fiori is the new user experience (UX) for SAP software. It applies modern design

Why SAP Appropriation Requests Are Not Enough

Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) Management is one of the most critical processes for all organisations. Wise investment decisions accelerate the creation of wealth. Poor decisions can result in someone getting fired.

The CAPEX process is the longest running business process commencing many months prior to a financial year in the planning and budgeting cycle, and concluding

Five Process Tweaks to Help You Out-Perform

by Richard Frykberg

Let’s face it – we’re all responsible for business processes that could be considerably improved. If you’re looking to try something new, in my experience, the following five changes in perspective and approach help organisations establish processes that are more agile, better governed, and deliver quicker results.
From System-Centric to Participant-Centric
The most important

May the Force be With You!

By Richard Frykberg

Star Wars VII, the Force Awakens, is almost here! So together with the kids we are enjoying watching the previous six episodes in order, reminding myself of the original story line (now blurred from playing the computer game).

How cool are the gravity defying spaceships, surreal worlds and exotic creatures! Kids will always

Where’s the “ANY” key?

by Dave Cole

C’mon let’s be honest here – like it or not, we’ve probably all watched a few Simpsons cartoons in our time haven’t we? Furthermore I’m sure there were a few Homer Simpson one-liners that got you laughing.

For those sadly deprived from enjoying the antics of America’s famous yellow Springfield family then perhaps

Smart and Keen

by Jack Cornford

Way back when I first started,  I was extraordinarily lucky to get the opportunity to work on the trading floor at Merrill Lynch in London. It was an incredible environment and I was very lucky to convince them to take me on considering my relative lack of experience. At the time I

Hiring the RIGHT People

by Jack Cornford – One of my favourite questions to ask interviewees for a role is: “Tell me about something you have done in your career that you are really proud of, and why?” I have pretty much asked this in every one of the (hundreds) of interviews I have conducted over the last

Are you getting Bang for your Buck?

by Richard Frykberg 

Nothing hits the spot like a midnight Macca’s Cheeseburger on the way home after a big night. Anywhere in the world, there’s no mystery, no surprise, just a munchies satisfying sugar and cholesterol spike, to soak-up your last jangling coins and over-indulgence. A great example of a simple promise, neatly packaged, and

Why I hate robots when they’re red

Yep, that’s what we call Traffic Lights in South Africa. Robots. Automatons that operate reliably, consistently and tirelessly. Timing their change to my arrival; leaving me fuming as I sit and wait for the pre-programmed sequence to determine how late I’m invariably going to be.

Imagine a world free of red traffic lights! Super highways

My Battery is Running Flat! Humanity is in Peril.

By Richard Frykberg

I’ve lost connection. I’ve only got 3G. I’ve run out of space.  Yes, it’s no longer a phone, a device or even my iPhone. It’s me.

I’m sitting in the Knoll Ridge Café, on Mount Ruapehu, the highest coffee shop in New Zealand. It is a Bluebird day – bright blue endless skies

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